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Asset Entries Pagination changing page cause failure of retaining Number of Items Displayed value in Display Setting in Asset Publisher Manual Configuration




      When Customer use Asset Publisher to display items with Manual configuration for Asset Selection. If the Asset Entries select more than 20 items to invoke pagination of the Asset Entries navigation, the changing of the page would cause Number of Items Displayed value fail to retain.

      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Set "search.container.page.default.delta=5" in portal-ext.properties.
      2. Start Liferay portal bundle.
      3. Add a blank site "Test Site"
      4. Add a blank page "Test Page"
      5. In Test Site create 6 pieces of web content.
      6. Navigate to page "Test Page" and add a "Asset Publisher" portlet.
      7. Click on the configuration of portlet, and select "Manual" for Asset Selection.
      8. Select 6 pieces of web content to make the pagination for Asset Entries section.
      9. Under Display Setting change Number of Items to Display to 20 and click Save button.
      10. Click on Asset Selection button, and click on "Next" for the Asset Entries page navigation.
      11. Click on Display Setting again.

      Observed Behavior: The Number of Items to Display got changed back to 5 again.
      Desired Behavior: The Number of Items to Display remain to be 20.

      The issue is not in Trunk because we use Text instead of Select for displaying Number of Items to Display


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