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${userName} variable only uses the Asset Creator's in the Kaleo Workflow



      Issue: The client has noted that no matter what action is performed in the Single Approver Workflow, the Asset Creator's name and profile picture is used. While investigating this issue I have noted that this is because the ${userName} variable in the notifications always refers to the default User. I have attached a slightly modified version of the Single Approver Workflow that demonstrates this.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1.Login as a Admin/
      2. Navigate to Control Panel > Workflow
      3. Upload attached Workflow
      4. Create a new User and make the User a Site Member. Give the User a profile picture.
      5. Place a Documents and Media Portlet on the front page
      6. Create a Folder
      7. Select Edit on the Folder
      8. Set the Workflow uploaded in Step 3 to apply to Basic Documents
      9. Login as the Site Member
      10. In the Folder upload a new Document
      11. Login as the Administrator
      12. Assign the Document to yourself and approve it with comments
      13. Login as the Site Member
      14. Check the notifications

      Expected Result: The Notification notes that the Administrator reviewed the Document with comments
      Actual Result: The Notification notes that the Site Member reviewed the Document with comments.


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