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Dynamic Data List display uses default template instead of detail/form template



      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Content > Dynamic Data Lists > Manage Data Definitions
      2. Add a new definition that contains a text field
      3. After saving the new definition, click on Actions > Manage Templates
      4. Select "+ Add Form Template"
      5. Edit the Field Label for the text field. Save the change to the Field Label and save the template
      6. Add a Dynamic Data List Display portlet to a page
      7. Click "+ Add List" and choose the created Data Definition. Save
      8. Go to the portlet configuration and select the created template in the Form Template dropdown. Save
      9. Add a record. Enter some text in the text field and save
      10. Click Actions > View for the new record

      Expected Results
      The label for the text field would display the edited label from the template

      Actual Results
      The label for the text field does not display the edited label from the template

      Reproduced on ee-6.2.x - d9d59b8
      Reproduced on master - f9c8e3a


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