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Only default article locales should validate required fields



      LPS-54498 introduced validation for all article locales. But this introduces some unwanted behavior. If someone introduces a new required field and someone is just translating the content in one language, he/she should have to do the same for every language.

      Reproduction steps:

      1. Create a web content structure using attached file (LPS-58417_structure.txt if using 6.2.x or LPS-58417_structure_master.txt if using Liferay 7).
      2. Get the structureKey from DDMStructure table in database from the previously created structure.
      3. Create a template using attached file (LPS-58417_template.txt if using 6.2.x or LPS-58417_template_master.txt if using Liferay 7) and choose the previous structure as the template's structure.
      4. Go to Control Panel -> Server Administration -> Script and execute attached groovy script (journalarticle_LPS-58417.groovy if using 6.2.x or journalarticle_LPS-58417_master.groovy if using Liferay 7), replacing GROUPID and DDMSTRUCTUREKEY with testing environment actual values.

      Expected behavior:
      The script should write "Created article"
      Actual behavior:
      Script writes "There are missing fields!"


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