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Portlet options menu list opens on left edge of page


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Run "git clean -fdx" on your portal source
    2. Build portal
    3. Start server
    4. Navigate to Welcome page
    5. Click portlet options cog icon in Sign In portlet

    Expected result: Clicking the portlet options cog icon will open a dropdown menu under the cog icon
    Actual result: Clicking the portlet options cog icon opens a dropdown menu on the left hand side of the page; it also adds additional white space above the rest of the page.

    Note: This behavior only occurs after executing 'git clean' in the portal directory. After building again without executing the command, the issue is no longer reproducible.

    Reproduced on:
    Tomcat 7.0.62 + MySQL 5.5
    Portal Master GIT ID: 240cc805adde0eeb178d456ddbc198b379f0ebcd.


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