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Calendars from other Sites load slowly in IE



      Issue: Calendars from other Sites load slowly in IE. For instance, if you create 10 Sites and add 8 events to each Site, and then have all those Calendars display on a Calendar Portlet, then when you refresh the Page in IE it can take 3-5 times as long as Chrome and Firefox. When I used this scenario in my tests, it took 2 seconds for the Calendar to load in Firefox/Chrome, but 7 seconds in IE 11. For the client, it took 6 seconds in Firefox/Chrome, but 18 seconds in IE 9. This issue does not occur if all the Events are in the same Site.

      This issue occurs in with 6.2 EE SP 12 and the latest Calendar Portlet on the Marketplace (2.0.6).

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Create 10 Sites
      2. Add 8 events on each Site's Calendar
      3. Navigate to the Front Page and in the Other Calendars Section, add every other Site's Calendar
      4. Refresh the page in Chrome and Firefox. Note that the load time is reasonable (2-3 seconds)
      5. Open the same Page in IE. Refresh the Page.

      Expected Result: The load time is the same or comparable to Firefox/Chrome
      Actual Result: Note that the load time is much longer (7 seconds).


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