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UI should alert about non-unique value in structure field of type Select



      When creating a web content structure with a select field, UI "swallows" the options with same values without alerting the user.

      Reproduction steps:

      1. Start a 6.2 portal and login as admin
      2. Go to Admin > Site Administration > Content > Web Content > Structures
      3. Create a new structure and add a "Select" field. Save. Reopen the structure, click on the Select field to bring up the Options / Values list
      4. In the "Settings" tab, double click on "Options" > Add option
      5. Name: option 4 - Value: value 3 >
        Actual behavior

        The UI allows saving and there is no warning message about non-unique values which will be lost.
        (The list after saving will become:
        option 1 - value 1
        option 2 - value 2
        option 4 - value 3)

        expected behavior

        UI should alert the user about the option-lost

      maybe it can be better if UI (and Liferay backend) can deal with any options, like the option editor and the select modul in metal.js and pure html can. I created a fix, but it changed the store of options in AUI, which was flagged as dangerous modification by developers.


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