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Changes in resources related permissions for Site or Organization roles are not being applied to current created resources (Calendar & Bookmarks)



      Steps to reproduce:

      As superadmin:
      1. Add the calendar to the home page of the default site.
      2. Create a resource LR1.
      3. Create an empty Site role, Role1
      4. Create an user1, and add to the default Site with the Role1

      As user1
      6. Go to the home page, and add the LR1 calendar to the "other calendars" section
      7. The user1 is not abled to add new events/bookings to the LR1 calendar.

      As superadmin
      8. Edit the Role1 and add all the permissions related with the calendar application and resources, including manage bookings

      As user1
      Observed behaviour The user can not add new bookings in LR1
      Expected behaviour The user can add new bookings in LR1

      => For new resources the permissions are working fine.
      => Workaround If you edit LR1 permissions and save the displayed information without do any changes, the permissions start working fine.


      Steps to reproduce:

      As superadmin
      1. Add an empty SiteRole
      2. Add an user: user1 and assing the SiteRole
      3. Add the bookmarks portlet to a site page and create a folder: folder1

      4. As user1 go to the page
      => User1 can't add subfolder to this folder

      5. As superadmin, edit the SiteRole and add the permissions about add Subfolders in Bookmarks

      4. Restart the server for ensuring clean all cache levels

      5. As user1 go to the page.

      => User1 can't add subfolder to the folder1.
      => Expected the user can add subfolder to the folder1.


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