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The default language of a Site is always overruled when accessing a Translated Page by the Company and User language



      Issue: The default language of a Site is always overruled by the Company language when a guest user attempts access.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Place the below Properties in the portal-ext.properties


      2. Navigate to Control Panel > Sites
      3. Create a new Site called spain
      4. Go to Site Administration > Configuration > Site Settings > Display Settings for Spain Site
      5. Change the default language to Spanish
      6. Navigate to Site Administration > Pages for Spain Site
      7. Create a Spanish Translation Page called prueba. Make sure the URL ends in /prueba
      8. Create an English Translation Page called test. Make sure the URL ends in /test
      9. Logout and clear cache, or open an incognito/private browser window
      9. Navigate to /web/spain/prueba as the Guest User

      Expected Result: You are directed to and kept on the Spainish translation of the Page.
      Actual Result: The Guest User is redirected to the English Translation of the Page and there is a banner giving the option to go to the Spanish translation of the Page. This appears to be because the Company Language of the Portal is English.


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