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After upgrading from 6.1.30 to 6.2 the treePaths will be null



      Reproduction steps:
      1.) Start a vanilla 6.1.30 bundle..
      2.) Go to Control Panel --> Documents and Media
      3.) Create a folder "test" and upload a 3 basic documents (titles: "test2" "test3" and "ert") to this folder.

      4.) Copy the document_library folder to a 6.2 instance, connect it to the 6.1 database through portal-ext.properties and start the bundle.
      5.) Search for test in the Documents and Media: the folder is found but the documents are not shown (even after performing a reindex on all search indexes)

      Experienced behavior: The uploaded documents are not found

      Expected behavior: The uploaded documents should be found

      The cause of the behavior is that there's no treePath column in the dlfileentry table on 6.1.30 and when you upgrade to 6.2 the treePath's value will be null in case of those documents which were uploaded before the upgrade. If you search for the documents in the Search portlet the documents are found.

      Same issue for DLFileShortcuts, DLFileVersions and BookmarkEntries.


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