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It is impossible to add a template after failing on deleting another template



      If a user

      • tries to delete a DDM template; and
      • the deletion fails; and
      • the user tries to create a new template just after the failure
        then a error message will be displayed and the expected form will not be rendered.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Log in into Liferay.
      2. In the left column, click in "Web Content":
      3. Click in the blue button at the bottom right corner:
      4. Enter some random input and save the web content.
      5. At the top right corner, click on the "Actions" button () and then in "Templates":
      6. Select the only available template and click in the deletion icon (cf. attached GIF file).
      7. After the operation fails, click in the blue button in the modal dialog.

      Expected results

      • A form for adding new templates would be available.

      Actual results

      • We get an error message from the servlet container about how the requested URL is too long:


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