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User cannot create a preselect-template structure if they are given a created role



      1. Patch Liferay 6.2 with hotfix-13258 and Sign in as Administrator.
      2. In the Liferay site, create a new (dummy) Structure, called "Tool". Extra step: Link an empty template to such structure
      3. Create a new regular role called Content Editor.
      4. Assign (at least) the following permissions:

      Sites > Site: Go to Site Administration
      Web Content: Access in Site Administration
      Web Content > Web Content: Add Web Content
      Web Content > Web Content: View
      Web Content > Web Content Article: View
      Web Content > Web Content Article: Update
      Web Content > Web Content Structure: View
      Web Content > Web Content Template: View

      5. Create a user and assign the Content Editor role to this user.
      6. Sign in with this user and go to Admin > Manage Content.
      7. Try to create a new Web Content based on the structure that was just created by the Administrator.

      The issue can't be reproduce in trunk. Because the user can't create web content. It shows do not have permission error.


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