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Console errors when uploading a DM from Item selector



      Syntax Errors are thrown when trying to upload a DM from the Item selector in Blogs and Dynamic Data Lists.

      Steps to reproduce in Blogs portlet:

      1. Go to Admin > Blogs > Add Blog
      2. Click Select File to add new cover image
      3. Select Documents and Media > Select > Select an image file
      4. Open Firebug

      Steps to reproduce in Dynamic Data Lists portlet:

      1. Go to Admin > Dynamic Data Lists > Manage Data Definition
      2. Add Data Definition with Documents and Media field > Save
      3. Add DDL List with created Data Definition
      4. Click into DDL List > Add DDL Record
      5. Select "Choose from Document Library" > Select File
      6. Select a document to upload
      7. Open Firebug

      Expected result for both instances:
      User is able to upload an image/document without any errors being thrown.

      Actual result for both instances:
      A syntax error is thrown in the Firebug console and the selected file cannot be added.
      Firebug error: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character

      Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 7.0.62 + MYSQL 5.6.27
      Portal master GIT ID 5a9b09355d1c2269af309eb791195255386a60b0


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