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Labels are not displayed correctly when localization is used



      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go to Sites > Content > Dynamic Data Lists
      2. Go to Options -> Manage Data Definition
      3. Add a new Data Definition named "TestLang"
      4. Add a Boolean Field and a Number Field
      5. Add a Translation to Portuguese and sele
        • Go to the Boolean Field Settings
        • Type "Booleano" to the Boolean Field Label
        • Go to the Number Field Settings
        • Assert the Number Field Label is in English
      6. Save
      7. Close the Data Definitions Window
      8. Add a new Dynamic Data List named "TestDDL"
      9. Select "TestLang" as Definition
      10. Save
      11. Add a Dynamic Data Lists Display to the Liferay Welcome page
        • Click at Select List
        • Select "TestDDL"
        • Save
        • Close the Dynamic Data Lists Display - Configuration window
      12. Click at +Add Test
      13. Assert Boolean and Number Fields are displayed correctly in English
      14. Click at Change
      15. Choose Portuguese (Brazil)

      Expected Result:
      The Boolean Field Label should be displayed in Portuguese ("Booleano") and the Number Field Label should be displayed in English ("Number").

      Actual Result:
      The Boolean Field Label is displayed as expected, however, the Number Field Label is not displayed at all.

      Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 7.0.62 + MySQL 5.6.25. Portal master GIT ID: a3c0ce928ab54003fe82bf4491a4cf6ff6e221ff.




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