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have the content freeze from other user editing when content is pending for approval through workflow




      User enabled workflow with Web Content. When the content is pending for review, the other user can edit and save the content. When the pending for review move to approved, the editing from the other user that was not submitted for publication would also get approved and included in that approved version. The users in this case are both site admin role. We would like to have content frozen at pending status so that no one can edit it until it is either rejected or approved.

      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Boot up Liferay and create a site "Test Site"
      2. Create Person 1, and Person 2 assigned with Test Site membership and "Site Administrator" role to the user.
      3. Navigate to Test Site's configuration to enable workflow for Web Content with default Single Approver 1 workflow.
      4. Login to portal as Person 1 in Chrome, and Login to portal as Person 2 in Firefox.
      5. Person 1 create a web content named "Test Content 1" adding some content to the content body.
      6. Person 1 click "Submit for Publication" button.
        • Observed Behavior: The content change status to "Pending (Review)"
      7. Before Person 1's change is approved. Person 2 click on the "Test Content 1" and added some other content to the content body.
        • Observed Behavior: In Person 2's UI the "Submit For Publication" button is disabled. However, Person 2 can click on "Save" button to save the his own edit.
        • Desired Behavior: When Person 1 Submitted the content for publication approval, this content version should not be editable.
      8. Person 2 Click on the "Save" button.
      9. Either Person 1 or Person 2 now assign the workflow task from step 6 above to himself and approve the change.
        • Observed Behavior: The content status is now "Approved" and the change that Person 2 saved in step 7 is also included in the approved version.

      Improvement Suggestion:

      Can we consider to change the behavior when workflow involves 2 admin roles used in parallel for Web Content to behave in the similar way as we have seen in Site Page workflow with 2 admin role used in parallel?





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