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Simplify and improve configuration for mentions feature



      Mentions can be enabled or disabled at a portal level and at a site level. If mentions are disabled at a portal level they cannot be enable at a site level.

      More advanced configuration can be set in the Interaction Section under Social Category in Portal Settings. This section offers the possibility to decide how users can interact with each other. One of the possible configurations is based on the Social Relation type. Liferay supports many different social relation types, but it only offers a UI to become Friend of somebody, so all the other relation types cannot be used by an OOTB Liferay.

      We would like to simplify this UI by only supporting Friendship as the social relation type.

      Considering that this "Interactions" section is only used by mentions, we are going to remove it and include the settings in Mentions section at a Portal Settings level (Site settings level will only have the possibility to enable/disable mentions)

      We have also done some rewording to make things clearer.

      Last, but not least, we will move Ratings and Mentions under Social category because it's more specific and it's actually where they belong. Considering tha t Miscellaneous category should be the last category, we will move Social Category above Miscellaneous in both Portal Settings and Site Settings.


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