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In a multi-lingual Web content, localizable images are not saved in a translation



      Regression caused by LPS-56039.


      Given a Web site with two languages (en_US, fr_FR) and a structure with an image field, it is impossible to save a locale-specific image: only the default locale's image is saved.

      Steps to reproduce:

      Using 6.2.x or with the changes from LPS-56039,

      1. In the Liferay site, remove all available languages except:
      2. In the global site, create a structure with 2 localizable image fields. The image fields don't need to be required.
      3. Create a template for that structure
      4. In the Liferay site, create a Web content with the new structure
      5. Choose a image for both image fields (image may be the same)
      6. Save as draft
      7. Add a translation
      8. Choose an image that is different from the images in the default locale for both images and save the translation
      9. Publish the Web content (saving as draft again should have the same effect)

      Expected Result:
      Since the field is marked as localizable, images should be locale-specific.
      Actual Result:
      The images in the alternate locale will be replaced by the images specified in the default locale.

      Reproduced in:

      6.2.x? Yes, issue reproduced in branch: 3eec8429aa11cd42fb9c4a5da1d3d7081a08c8db

      Master? No, LPS-56039 was never added to master


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