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Swap TO and FROM in "Definition of Terms" section of Web Content Requested notification



      1./a On 6.2: Start the portal and deploy Kaleo Web plugin
      1./b On master: Just start the portal (no need to deploy anything, as workflow is part of the portal by default)
      2./a On 6.2: Go to Configuration > Workflow Configuration on the default site's administration page
      2./b On master: Go to Content > Web Content, create a Folder, then edit it
      3. Set the Single Approver workflow for Web Content Article and Save
      4. Go to Content > Web Content and open the Confguration panel (under the gear icon)
      5. Switch to Web Content Requested Email tab to see the email notification template for web content approvals
      6. Observe the "Definition of Terms" section.

      Result: [$FROM_ADDRESS$] and [$FROM_NAME$] are the same as for the rest of the templates, even though we swap that with the actual values of [$TO_ADDRESS$] and [$TO_NAME$] before sending out this notification (see the method JournalArticleLocalServiceImpl.sendEmail). This is how we achieve to have the submitter of the article as the sender of the notification. The "Definition of Terms" section on the notification template editor should reflect this, to avoid confusion.


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