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Version qualifier (e.g. SNAPSHOT) is not displayed in the App Manager



      LPS-60527 and LPS-62383
      LPS-60527 is a bugfix.
      LPS-62383 is a new feature, it modifies behavior

      With LPS-57182 the SNAPSHOT versions of a component are considered as the same version to the final one.
      With this, upon deployment, the SNAPSHOT marker is lost.


      • On branch 6.2.x you will need to update Marketplace portlet to the latest version to be able to see version numbers. See: LPS-47322
      • On Master there were some issues with App Manager portlet cannot be opened/doesn't show the deployed plugin, therefore nothing can be seen on UI.

      1. Create a sample plugin with version 1.0, deploy it
      2. Update this plugin to version 1.1-SNAPSHOT and deploy it
      Checkpoint #1: Go to Control Panel and click on App Manager,

      3. In case point #2 fails, see the logs a message like this should appear:

      10:34:37,656 INFO  [com.liferay.portal.kernel.deploy.auto.AutoDeployScanner][BaseDeployer:966] Updating sample-portlet from version 1.0.1 to version 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT

      Actual Result
      The plugin version doesn't state that this is a snapshot version.

      Expected result
      You can see in App Manager that the version is a snapshot

      The SNAPSHOT (and other qualifiers) String should be stored similar to previous versions.

      Test fix - Current Master's App Manager doesn't show the deployed plugin. For this there is an alternative test.
      When you install version 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT onto 1.0.1, the log should inform you what is happening.

      Log message with fix:

      Updating sample-portlet from version 1.0.1 to version 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT

      Log message without fix:

      Updating sample-portlet from version 1.0.1 to version 1.0.2


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