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Resources are not being reindexed when imported through the resource-importer portlet



      after importing a custom theme that uses the resource importer to create some journal articles, the user must execute a reindex in order for the assets to show up.

      the resource-importer-web plugin is calling reindex, but it is not successfully because of the checks added by LPS-53848 to BaseIndexer.

      the thread locals can still be set to true during the import process, but they should be set to false when the reindex logic is executed because otherwise no reindexing will take place.

      1. Deploy the attached resources-importer-web.
      2. Deploy custom theme that depends on resources-importer and that creates journal articles
      3. Check the journal table of Liferay's database to ensure that the theme's Web Content articles have been imported.
      4. On the default page, add a search portlet.
      5. Search for one of the Web Content articles.

      actual behavior: the article will not be found
      expected behavior: the article will be found


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