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make AmazonRankings portlet support ISBN-13


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      Amazon Rankings portlet cannot use ISBN-13 numbers currently, which is stated in the documentation. Although this would be a new feature, ISBN-13 is used since 2007, so it is not really professional that the portlet still cannot use it.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Configure the Amazon Rankings portlet according to the documentation. This requires a lot of registration and other thins so you can use my settings: in portal-ext.properties, place the properties in the comment below (staff only).

      2. Start the portal

      3. Place an Amazon Rankings portlet on a page

      4. Go the the portlet's configuration

      5. Add an ISBN-13 number. For example: "9781935182825"

      6. Try to save the configuration

      Expected Result: The portlet accepts the ISBN number and displays the book.

      Actual Results: The portlet says that the ISBN number is invalid.

      reproduced on ee-6.2.x @ e754936b6aa364bf98b5af4cee56f916d4488749
      cannot test on master - configuring the portlet throws a nullpointerexception @ 17d2f650ffee0b622eaa99f22cfe715e9ebfa7c0


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