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Document Library Display Portlet contains stale rootFolderId configuration on Remote Site after publication



      After running a remote publish, the Documents and Media Display portlet reverts the ROOT folder configuration to the default.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1) Setup two instances of Liferay on 61x
      2) Create a new blank site on each instance called 'test'
      3) Setup one to remote stage to the other.
      4) On the staging instance, go to control panel > documents and media > add a folder.
      5) Add 4 levels of sub folders. Then add a document to the 4th level folder.
      6) Add a page to the test site on staging
      7) Go to the page and add a Documents and Media Display Portlet
      8) Configure it to display the fourth sub folder as the root folder (The one with the document)
      9) Publish to remote live and uncheck everything except for Documents and Media Display
      10) Go to the page on remote live
      11) Notice the root folder of the D&M Display portlet is the default root folder.
      12) Publish again using the same settings as before. Notice the root portletId is updated.

      Expected Result: the root folder config is saved
      Actual Result: the root folder config reverts to default

      Reproduced in 6.1.x - 0a141a5ef641d8116458f6a30189400d0338645f
      Can't test in master - 161e44a81e5dd209b5eabf5449f674da08e3f834
      Add new site button didn't work

      LPS-43406 mostly resolved this issue, but we check the primaryKeysMap BEFORE we've imported the portletData. If there are new folders added, LPS-43406's logic will not update the PK's.

      To verify this, query the PortletPreference table for a portlet that contains 110_INSTANCE, notice the <rootFolderId> <value> is a UUID, not a folderID. Notice after the second publish it is updated to the correct folderId becuase of LPS-43406.


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