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Permissions and Show History buttons are missing from Web Content editor when editor.ckeditor.version=latest



      1. Add property "editor.ckeditor.version=latest" to your portal-ext.properties
      2. Start portal
      3. Login as admin
      4. Add an Asset Publisher to a page
      5. Within AP, add a Web Content, then edit it

      Expected behaviour: A Permissions and a Show History button should be shown above the editor
      Actual behaviour: Permissions and Show History buttons are missing

      root cause

      1. ScriptData.java's merge method does not merge anything when the two keys are the same, it simply overwrites the value for the old key, so many javascript fragments are lost
      2. in ckeditor_latest.jsp we override ScriptData's append method with hoping, that it will be called by merge, but it wont be called by merge
      3. in ckeditor_latest.jsp we call ScriptData.merge but on the wrong object, on oldScriptData, but the newScriptData object extends ScriptData

      additional info

      This behaviour was fixed on 6.2.x by wrapping-unwrapping, however that needs more changes (new classes, etc) and that is not a real fix for the issue, but some magic.


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