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Facebook app secret is reset when saving "portal settings" > "authentication" changes



      Caused by the Facebook app secret being set to Portal.TEMP_OBFUSCATION_VALUE before being delivered to the web form. When the saving any changes, it is necessary to check for this String, and if found, do not override the currently persisted secret.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Navigate to the portal settings UI and change / save a Facebook app secret, hereafter referred to as YOUR_SECRET
      2. Assert that in the PortletPreferences database table there is a record with portletId field set to "com.liferay.portal.security.sso.facebook.connect" and preference field containing the substring "<preference><name>appSecret</name><value>YOUR_SECRET</value></preference>"
      3. Return to the portal settings UI and this time simply press Save without changing the Facebook app secret
      4. Sign in as the new user, add a WC in the new created site.

      Expected result:
      The database preference field should contain the substring "<preference><name>appSecret</name><value>YOUR_SECRET</value></preference>"

      Actual result:
      The database preference field should contain the substring "<preference><name>appSecret</name><value>TEMP_OBFUSCATION_VALUE</value></preference>". Consequently Facebook integration is now broken.




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