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Users subscribed to content in a restricted site remain subscribed after losing membership



      Users that are subscribed to the document and media portlet in a restricted site remain subscribed after losing membership.

      Steps to reproduce
      1) Navigate to Admin > Control Panel > Add User and create a user.
      2) Create the user's password.
      3) Navigate to Sites > Add and create a restricted site.
      4) In Users > Site Memberships add the new user to the site.
      5) Go to Pages > Site Pages > Add Page and create a page.
      6) Add a documents and media portlet to the site.
      7) Open another browser and log in as the new user.
      8) As the new user subscribe to the document and media portlet on the restricted site.
      9) As the admin, within Site Administration > Users > Site Memberships remove the new user's membership to the restricted site.
      10) As the admin, add a basic document to the documents and media portlet.

      Results of Testing
      Expected: Users receive no notifications for updated content on a restricted site that they are not members of.
      Actual: The user receives a notification for the document and media portlet.

      This is already fixed in master by LPS-53134.




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