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Support associate new Google users with existing incomplete users


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      Zagato, Andromeda, Yugo


      Support for this was not fully implemented, resulting in the update_account.jsp being rendered with an error message when the user chooses to associate their existing incomplete user (from a guest comment posting) with their new Google user.

      1. Login in as admin
      2. Configure Google SSO via the portal settings
      3. Add the blogs portlet to a page and make a blog entry
      4. Log out admin
      5. Navigate to where the blogs portlet was added and use it to prepare a comment
      6. Press "Reply as..." and click Guest in the login popup
      7. Enter any user details, but make sure to enter the email address associate with your Google account. Press "Save"
      8. When asked if you would like to activate the account, press "Cancel" (or just close the popup)
      9. Now carry out a login via Google using the login portlet
      10. You will be asked if you would like to associate the existing "incomplete" user. Press the "Associate Account" button.
      11. Complete the remaining new user process as normal (terms, remainder etc.)

      Expected: You are now logged in and the comment that was posted as guest is showing as by the new Google user
      Actual: You are presented with the create account form and unable to proceed any further due to validation errors


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