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Restoring a previous version of a document inside a folder that has restricted document type does not convert document's type



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a document type T
      2. Create a folder F
      3. Create a document D of type T inside F
      4. Edit document D and publish again
        1. A new version of document D is created
      5. Edit folder F and add restriction to the file types, so that it should contain only documents of type "Basic Document". Confirm.
        1. Assert document D is converted to type "Basic Document" (it loses all fields added or metadata sets added to type T)
      6. Revert document D to previous version.

      Expected behavior
      Previous version of document D will obey the folder restriction and will be converted to the new file type.
      Actual behavior
      Document D will be reverted to the previous version with file type T.


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