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Deleting the last file version of a document inside a folder that has restricted document type does not convert document's type



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a document type T
      2. Create a folder F
      3. Create a document D of type T inside F
      4. Edit document D and publish again
        1. A new version of document D is created
      5. Edit folder F and add restriction to the file types, so that it should contain only documents of type "Basic Document". Confirm.
        1. Assert document D is converted to type "Basic Document" (it loses all fields added or metadata sets added to type T)
      6. Delete the latest version of document D.
        1. It shall fall back to the first version of document D.

      Expected behavior
      First version of document D will obey the folder restriction and will be converted to the new file type.
      Actual behavior
      Document D will fall back to the previous version with file type T.




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