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LDAP Import settings in System Settngs are not viewable unless Import on Startup is checked and savedp



      When you go to LDAP Import in System Settings and attempt to edit an existing configuration, only two options will appear: Import Enabled and Import on Startup. Even if Import Enabled is checked (ie it had been selected and saved in Instance Settings), no further options will appear. The only way to get them to display is to select "Import on Startup," save the configuration, and go back in and edit.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1) In Instance Settings, check Import Enabled and save.
      2) In System Settings -> Platform -> LDAP Import, click edit next to the newly created configuration.
      Expected Result: A list of all Import settings will be displayed.
      Actual Result: Only Import Enabled and Import on Startup Enabled
      3) Check Import on Startup and save the configuration.
      4) Click edit again and you will now see the full list of configurations.

      The extra configurations should appear after Import Enabled is checked, but only appears to do so if Import on Startup is enabled.




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