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DDMTemplate reference is not staged when referenced from DDLDisplayPortlet



      1. Start up both servers
      2. Create a Site in both bundles ("Staged" in Staging, and "Live" in Live)
      3. On Server 1, enable Staging on the Staged site, and link it to the Live site - BE SURE TO CHECK OFF THE "Dynamic Data List" under STAGED CONTENT.
      4. Link Staging and Live's Global sites via Site Administration > Settings - BE SURE TO CHECK OFF THE "Dynamic Data List" under STAGED CONTENT.
      5. In Staging's Global scope, create a Dynamic Data List Data Definition called "Test" containing two mandatory text fields.
      6. Link a Display Template to the "Test" Data Definition
      7. Create a new Dynamic Data List using the "Test" Data Definition called "A"
      8. Create four entries in the "A" list.
      9. Publish Staging Global to Live Global
      10. On the Staged site, add a new page
      11. On this new page, add a Dynamic Data List Display portlet, configuring the Scope to Global
      12. Select the list created in step 10, and under the Display Templates dropdown, select the Display Template that we created in Step 8.
      13. Publish Staged Site to Live
      14. Examine Live Site

      Expected Result:
      The DDL Display Template loads properly
      Actual Results:
      A NoSuchTemplateException is thrown, and the DDL Display Template doesn't show anything


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