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User Groups does not show up by default for non-administrators with database search



      After adding View permissions for User Groups for non-administrator users, the non-administrator users cannot see any user groups when database search is turned on. It is working fine with search by index.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Under Control Panel->Roles, create a Regular role called Manage Usergroups
      2. In Actions->Define Permissions, add User Groups: Access in Control Panel permissions
      3. Click on the User Groups tab and create two groups called One and Two
      4. Edit the Permssions for One and enable Assign Members, View and View Members for the Manage Usergroups role
      5. View the Permssions for Two and ensure View and View Members is not selected anywhere.
      6. Create a new user and ensure that he only has the Manage Usergroups role.
      7. As the user, go to Admin->Control Panel

      Expected Result: The user should not be able to see grouo 'Two' because the View permission is turned off.
      Actual Result: The User does not see any user groups.

      This is caused by the change in LPS-61003. I have to force the User Group search to use the indexer to be able to see user groups. The database search does not seem to be working.


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