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PageTitleException when saving preferences in System Settings



      When CKEditor is used as the main editor for Wiki's, the wiki pages cannot be edited because validating the wiki page title throws an error asking to enter a page title. This happens when editing an existing wiki page.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Navigate to: Control Panel > Configuration > System Settings > Collaboration > Wiki Service
      2. Click Update/Save
      3. Navigate back to the Welcome page
      4. You may need to restart Portal because of: LPS-63201
      5. Once the Portal is restarted, navigate to Wiki
      6. Go to the Main wiki
      7. Edit the FrontPage wiki (the name field may be blank, which should not be the case) or create a new wiki page
      8. Save the wiki page

      Expected Behavior: When editing the wiki page, the name field should be pre-populated with the existing wiki page title. The wiki page should also be allowed to save with a page title of 'test' or the existing wiki page title.

      Actual Behavior: The wiki page cannot be saved after editing or after attempting to create a new wiki page. The "please enter a valid title" error is thrown for any page title for the wiki page. After saving the wiki page, the title field becomes empty. See attached image.


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