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portlet-resource actions are not updated for new portlets after a change in resource-actions.xml



      When developer make changes to resource-actions.xml file for portlet-resource, the changes are not reflected in portal.

      Before LPS-62533 (before Liferay 7.0.0), when we added a portlet to page, we created ResourcePermission records with primKey = plid_LAYOUT_ppid which might be changed by portal admin. And therefore we made no changes to that records when resource-actions.xml was updated.

      However a new portlet added to page contained the changes from resource-actions.xml file.

      LPS-62533 introduced default portlet-resource records in database. We no longer create ResourcePermission records with plid_LAYOUT_ppid when portlet is added on page, we use the default portlet-resource records (unless portal admin changes portlet permissions and creates plid_LAYOUT_ppid records).

      But after LPS-62533 we don't update the default portlet-resource records when they exist. So no changes are propagated from resource-actions.xml.

      So even new portlets added to page, which use the default portlet-resource records, don't have the new changes.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • follow steps from LPS-62949, but use some existing database from before the this fix

      Expected result: Steps from LPS-62949 finish successfully
      Actual result: Steps for LPS-62949 fails, a clean database is required


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