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Wrong workflowed article version and status displayed



      1. Create new site role 'Editor' with all permissions in sections:

      • Site Administration -> Content -> Web Content,
      • Site Administration -> Pages -> Site Pages.
        2. Create two users 'test1' and 'test2' with role 'Editor' in default site.
        3. Set workflow 'Single Approver (Version 2)' in Default site -> Workflow Configuration -> Web Content Article. Workflow xml is in attachments.
        4. Log in as 'test1'.
        5. Add 'Basic Web Content' with title 'Test 1'. Submit for plubication.
        6. Log in as 'test2'.
        7. Go to My account -> My Workflow Tasks.
        8. Assigne waiting task to current user (action 'Assign to me').
        9. Click 'approve' action.
        8. Go to 'Web Content' and choose 'Test 1' from list.
        9. Change title to 'Test 2' and submit for publication.
        10. Log out.
        11. Log in as 'test1'.
        12. Go to Admin/Content/'Web Content'.
        13. Change view type to 'List'.
        Result: article is listed with title 'Test 1' and status 'Approved'
        Expected: should be listed with title 'Test 2' and status 'Pending (Review)'.

      14. Click on the article's title.
      Result: you will see edit form with data from version 1.0 (clicking 'Submit for publication' will cause error 'Another user has made changes since you started editing. Please copy your changes and try again.')
      Expected: you should see the last version of the article, exactly as when you click Edit from the Actions drop-down to the right of the article listing

      Branch: reproduced
      master: fixed


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