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Some activities are not loaded in SO Activities portlet



      Reproduction steps:

      1. Login as admin user.
      2. Create Public Site name as A.
      3. Add public page name as "public page".
      4. Now create user name as "user1" with the "Social Office" role.
      5. Make this user to member of site A.
      6. Add 25 wiki page(or any other activity to show) (name as Page 1 to Page 25) to display in activity portlet.
      7. Remove Site Member and Guest view permission (remove view permission for user1) from 5 wiki page (named as Page 16 to Page 20).
      8. Now logout and login as user1 and see dashboard. In activity portlet, there are 10 elements to show on initial load but in next load it starts with the second activity(Page 9 and so on). So first activity (Page 10) is missing in this load.

      Expected Behavior: In the second load It should be started with activity name as Page 10 but its missing.


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