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User cannot enable Edit Controls after demoting their permissions



      When a site member with permissions to update a page toggles off edit controls via the Edit Control icon, the user will no longer be able to re-enable the control after some of their permissions have been revoked. This prevents them from being able to see edit links for resources they can still edit.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1) On a site, create a new Web Content->Basic Web Content article
      2) Edit the article to have View and Update permissions for the User role
      3) Drop a Web Content Display portlet with that article on the home page
      4) Add a user with Site Owner site permission to the site
      5) Go the site as the user and click on the Edit Control icon to hide all the edit links/controls
      6) Back in the Site Administration, remove the Site Owner role from the user
      7) Go back to the site as the user
      Expected Behavior: User is able to edit the web content article
      Actual Behavior: Edit Controls is not available

      Reproduced in 6.2.x - ee139420e2ccb761b8ebdeb0635cd29330b68beb
      Can't test in master - 00e4750582741ba2a7f06277a1696eb96f95c0e1
      I wasn't able to find the Edit Control icon in 7.0. Does it even exist?


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