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Quickly typing Enter or arrow keys after typing a search for asset categories in asset categories selector hides search results



      In the asset categories selector popup (in the configuration for an asset publisher), quickly pressing the Enter key or arrow keys after typing in something to search for will cause the search results not to appear.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Start portal and create many categories (300+); see attached .lar files (one for master, one for 6.2)
      2. Go to an Asset Publisher portlet >Configurations
      3. Under section "Displayed assets must match these rules." change "of the following Tags" to "of the following Categories," then click Select button
      4. Type something to search for (something that should have a result) followed by Enter (the Enter key should quickly follow the previous key)

      Expected result: The related search categories appear in the results below
      Actual result: Nothing happens below (or if typed slowly the search may not be the complete term that was typed in)


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