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DDM Templates do not upgrade to support the new Date Field Value storage format




      In master, DDM Date Field Values are stored as a datestamp. However, in 6.2 and previous versions, they are stored as a timestamp in milliseconds. The upgrade process from 6.2 to master converts the value from a timestamp to a datestamp; however, DDM Templates are not upgraded to support datestamps. Instead, they still expect a timestamp, causing the Date Field Value to not be displayed by the template.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start up a new database in Liferay 6.2.
      2. Create a new Web Content Structure with a Date Field.
      3. Create a new Template for that Structure that displays the date.
      4. Create a new Web Content with the Structure and Template from the previous two steps. Make sure you fill in a value for the Date Field.
      5. Click on the Web Content and select "Basic Preview" to make sure that the Template is displaying the Date Field Value as expected.
      6. Shut down the portal and upgrade it to 7.0.
      7. Start up the portal.
      8. Go to the Web Content you created and select "Preview".

      Expected Result: The Date Field Value will be displayed.
      Actual Result: The Date Field Value is not displayed.

      Reproduced in master: 7e058c0fe87388f19d04bdd1b464f9d0f07a6326


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