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In notifications portlet userNotificationEvent table is not been directly upgraded



      In 6.2 the table Notifications_UserNotificationsEvent table is not added to the portal db until the Notifications legacy portlet is deployed.

      We've detect that the upgrade process from notifications is using this table in the select data step, and if the table's not present the 2.0.0 do not perform any action to update the UserNotificationsEvent table .

      Since the UserNotificationsEvent table is the default table and it's used by the framework it's data needs to be upgraded even if the Notifications_UserNotificationsEvent was not created.

      Steps to reproduce:

      In a clean 6.2 bundle, delete the notifications portlet app from the apps folder
      Activate the workflow in wiki
      Create a new wiki page
      Assert that a userNotificationEvent was added to the database (do not deploy the notifications portlet)
      stop the bundle and upgrade the portal
      check the database:

      Expected: Delivered field should be 1 and deliveryType should be 10002
      Current: This columns are null




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