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Queued publication fails after server restart



      If a Liferay instance starts up with a queued publication, a NPE is thrown.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Setup two different servers to be able to use Remote Staging between them.
      2. Create two Sites on the first and two Sites on the second environment.
      3. Enable Remote Staging between the Sites on the first and the second server.
      4. Create 500 Web Content on the first Staging Site (we need a longer publish process).
      5. Create any content on the second Staging Site.
      6. Open both Staging Sites on different browser tabs.
      7. Publish the first Staging Site.
      8. While the process is running, publish the second Staging Site -> it will become queued.
      9. Wait until the first publish get past 50% and shut down the Staging server (leave the Live running).
      10. Start the Staging server again.
      11. Check the second Site's publication.

      Expected Result: Successful publish on the second Site.
      Actual Result: The second queued publication failed with a NullPointerException. This exception is also present in the startup logs (attached).

      reproduced on ee-6.2.x @ a61e0817498b362a2aa047fdaca1d919b5f23cc6
      Not reproduced on master @ 67f33a8339ef47355292beef2ffff309802e05c1

      • Since the publication on separate Sites can go parallel here, I had to use the same Site for testing.
      • Note: A different issue was also observed: the interrupted publication had an 'in progress' status after the server restart

      This fix is a unique fix for 62x only. This issue was most likely resolved in master by LPS-55228. The fix in master resolved the issue by delaying certain initializations during startup by using osgi service trackers, which will not be backported to 62x.


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