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Workflow assets cannot be fully approved with single approver after upgrade to 7.0



      Reproduced on:
      MySQL 5.7
      ee- > ee-7.0.x GIT ID: b9ce80a0b1579f9538e02390a7339ac1c97dd32c.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Import attached sql dump into MySQL 5.7
      2. Add attached data folder to ee-7.0.x bundle
      3. Upgrade database to 7.0 using the upgrade-tool
      4. Start upgraded 7.0 portal
      5. Go to Test Test > My Workflow Tasks
      6. Approve Web Content Article
      7. Go to Content > Web Content
      8. View Article

      Expected Result:
      Article is fully approved.

      Actual Result:
      Article is shown as "Pending (Approved)" in the Web Content admin portlet. Asset is treating as pending in this portlet.

      This also occurs to any new assets added under "Single Approver" after the upgrade.

      Note: This only occurs with the default "Single Approver" definition. A custom uploaded definition was able to set the asset to approve correctly (even if the definition was added pre-upgrade). Comparing the single approver definition between upgraded ee-7.0.x and non-upgraded master KaleoDefinition table shows that the definitions are identical


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