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Importing LAR files and staging publishing create permanent, unnecessary entries in database



      When a LAR file is imported, or a publish is executed while staging, an (often very large) entry in the backgroundtasks table for a StagingIndexingBackgroundTaskExecutor is created that is never used once the action is completed.

      Steps to reproduce (in 6.2):
      1. From the main Liferay site, navigate to Site Administration -> Pages -> Site Pages
      2. Click the "Export" button
      3. Keep the default settings and export
      4. When the export is complete, download the LAR file
      5. Exit the Export menu, and click "Import"
      6. Select the downloaded LAR file to upload, and continue
      7. Keep the default settings, continue, and import

      Expected result: the import is completed with a single background task entry created in the database (for LayoutImportBackgroundTaskExecutor)
      Actual result: an unused, extra entry is created and left in the database, StagingIndexingBackgroundTaskExecutor

      The same type of entry will also be created and left in the database if a publish is completed when staging.

      The issue can also (in part) be reproduced in master, though with DDMStructureIndexerBackgroundTaskExecutor instead of StagingIndexingBackgroundTaskExecutor.
      In master, to reproduce, a web content structure must be created before the export is performed. Updating the web content structure (triggering a reindex) will also reproduce the issue, creating this entry.

      Reproduced in 6.2.x: Git ID: 0870a11f3ed3bc3d2ceef552b0986cba50264da3
      Reproduced in master: Git ID: 0e7406629f4314740f4a5d0de02aa54681618237


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