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Basic configuration doesn't keep email when database is chosen


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      Mac OS X 10.8


      I download Liferay IDE --> liferay-ide-eclipse-macosx-x64-3.0.0-m3-201604151019.tar.gz then create a lifer workspace. Then run the server

      When the Basic configuration wizard start you can type you Name, Lastname and Email.

      Then I choose database MySQL and point to a clean database created for this purpose.

      After portal-setup-wizard.properties is created you have to restart the server. Then tables will be created.

      My surprise was when I was trying to logging into the portal. The email I used on the Basic configuration doesn't work. I realised that on the database a user is created with my name and lastname but instead my custom email uses "test@liferay.com" also the password "test" which you have to know previously if you want to login in (How new developers can guess that???)

      My point here but for new developers that want to come Liferal, they follow the tutorials and they cannot guess this things.


      1. Prompt the users a field for a custom password and persist this in the file portal-setup-wizard.properties so I can be used after on the database creation.


      2. Remove email field to not create confusion and inform the user that to login test@liferay.com/test has to be use for credentials.



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