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Kaleo Designer connectors are hidden when nodes are dragged in different positions



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to Control Panel > Kaleo Designer
      2. Add a new Workflow
      3. Delete connector from Start to End nodes
      4. Move End node to the very right side of the designer
      5. Add a Task Node to the right of the Start Node, named Task 1
        1. Connect Start to Task1, name connector "C1"
      6. Add a Task node below Task1, named Task 2
        1. Connect Task1 to Task 2, name connector "C2"
        2. Connect Task2 to Task1, name connector "C3"
      7. Add a State node to the right of Task1, name State 1
        1. Connect Task1 to State1, name connector "C4"
        2. Connect State1 to Task1, name connector "C5"
      8. Connect State1 node to end nod, name connector "C6"
      9. Move around Task 2 and State 1
      10. Observe connectors

      Expected Result
      The connectors that run parallel to each other are always visible as 2 separate connectors no matter where the nodes are moved.

      Actual Result
      As you move around the nodes, the connectors seem to "merge" as one connector when the nodes are in certain locations. The second parallel connector is still there, but becomes hidden in certain areas. Refer to attached gif.

      Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 8.0 + PostgreSQL 9.4
      Portal 7.0.x EE GIT ID dc32534b425efaeef0da2192236108533605c5e7


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                  Version Package
                  7.0.0 DXP FP36
                  7.0.0 DXP SP7
                  7.0.5 CE GA6
                  7.1.0 M1