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Request to add a property to show/hide the blue redirection box that appears when user has set a language preference



      Current setup:
      The portal displays a blue box on the UI if the user gets redirected to another language version of a page. This info box contains this message: "You were redirected to ..url..
      Click the following link if you want to dismiss this redirect and access the original URL: Link "

      Reproduction steps to make this box appear:
      1. Start a clean Liferay 6.2 EE SP14 bundle
      2. Log on as default administrator user
      3. Click on Admin -> Site Administration -> Pages
      4. In the Public Pages section, select the "Welcome" page
      5. Under the details section, select the German flag, and in the "Name" input box add the German name for the site, for example: "deutscheSeite"
      6. Just below the "Name" input box, you will find the "Friendly URL" box, where please select the German flag again and for the site URL name, add: "/deutscheSeite"
      7. Click the "Save" button to save these settings
      8. Go back to the Welcome page, and click on your username (Test Test) and select: "My Account"
      9. Select "Display Settings" and change the Language to German
      10. Save the modifications and go back to the Welcome page

      A blue box should appear at the top of the screen, just like shown on the originally attached screenshot.

      Requested feature:
      This feature request aims to have a property created for the portal-ext.properties file, that would show or hide this box by setting the value to true / false.




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