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Authentication validiation is not working properly when adding a comment in blog as guest



      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Extracted a clean instance of Liferay 6.2 EE SP14 and lod Blogs portlet on Blogs page.gged in with admin user(test@liferay.com)
      2. Added a page named "Blogs"
      3. Adde
      4. Added a blog named test blog.
      5. Clicked on sign-out and then clicked on Blogs page
      6. Clicked on "test blog" link>> "Comment" --> "Be the First" in the Blogs portlet and entered some comment and clicked on Reply as button
      7. Login popup window come up, now Enter the email and incorrect password and click on sign-in

      Actual Result: After click on signing button it doesn't shows authentication failure message, it redirects to full page view in popup window and showing all the pages in navigation bar on popup window.
      *Expected Result: *At the time of login after clicking on "Reply as" button in blogs, Error authentication failure message should show at first time of login and should not show the full page (Pages in Navigation Bar, footer ...etc) in popup window.

      Result in ee-6.2.x(GIT-ID: 919b10e9aad45a5b0775187c1bf60cbc11a9d98b): Reproduced


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