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Mobile - Users can't navigate to Wiki pages on the Wiki portlet



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Log into portal with a mobile device
      2. Add a Wiki portlet and a Wiki Display portlet
      3. Assert Wiki portlet is below the Wiki Display portlet
      4. Navigate to All Pages by clicking on the FrontPage dropdown of the Wiki portlet

      Expected result: Dropdown expands and user can navigate to FrontPage, Recent Changes, All Pages, Orphan Pages, and Draft Pages

      Actual result: Dropdown does not expand, and so, users are not able to view other Wiki pages through the Wiki portlet

      Workaround is to view Wiki pages in Site Admin or Wiki Display portlet. Another workaround is to place the Wiki Portlet above the Wiki Display portlet.

      Note: Issue occurs on any portlet that comes after the first one on the page. Dropdown will only work for the first portlet on the page.

      Note: This issue will occur with any 2 portlets that utilizes the aui:nav-bar & aui:nav taglibs.

      Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 8.0.32 + MySQL 5.6.
      Portal ee-7.0.x GIT ID: 7bfed2d6b628bb9abc88dfab3795c65ece10a59f

      iPhone 6s + iOS 9.3.1 + Safari
      iPod Touch (5th Gen) + iOS 9.3.1 + Safari
      Moto G (2013) + Android 5.1 + Google Chrome 50.0.2661




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