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Using Kill Session does not work on users in other nodes



      1. enable live users
      2. enable clustering with two nodes
      3. As my Admin user, I sign into the first node and go to User Monitoring.
      4. Create normal user.
      5. Then as my normal user, I sign into my Second Node.
      6. As my Admin user I see the user's session appear
      7. Then as my Admin on the First Node, I click "Kill Session" and the Successful message appears, but the user is still listed.
      8. Going back to Second Node, the user has not been signed out and can still perform actions.

      expected behavior: the User's session has been invalidated. they must sign in again on that node.
      actual behavior: the user's session is not invalidated, and they can still perform actions on the node.

      QA Note:
      There are more issues with the LiveUsers framework than the ability to kill sessions across nodes. The UI view that monitors the LiveUsers may not be updated when killing a session, and the number of hits will be 0 when the user is in a different Node. The code changes on this LPS are only meant to fix the issue with killing a users session who is in a different node.

      We will have to open other LPS tickets to fix the UI behavior.

      Also, this issue is only truly reproducible on ee-7.0.x since clustering is no longer fully implemented in master




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                7.0.0 DXP FP31
                7.0.5 CE GA6