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Kaleo Forms Admin - Record workflow comments are visible in all record submissions



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to Kaleo Forms Admin
      2. Add a new Process
        1. Name process > Next
        2. Add a Text field set > Choose field set > Next
        3. Choose Single Approver
        4. Assign created task form > Add a form > Save default form
      3. Save Process
      4. Click into Process > Add new process record
      5. Input "Record 1" into text field > Save
      6. Go to My Workflow Tasks > Assigned to My Roles
      7. Click into submitted Process
      8. Add a comment "Record 1 comment"
      9. Assign to me and approve process record
      10. Navigate to Kaleo Forms Admin
      11. Submit a second process record called "Record 2"
      12. Go to My Workflow task > Assigned to My Roles
      13. Click into submitted record
      14. View Comments section

      Expected Result
      The comment section for "Record 2" does not contain any comments.

      Actual Result
      The comment submitted for "Record 1" is visible in the comment section for "Record 2". Refer to attached gif.

      Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 8.0 + PostgreSQL 9.4
      Portal ee-7.0.x Git ID 761a3073054dbec73e532df57516ea44a005bb20




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