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Make sure all columns that we convert to CLOB in VerifyOracle.doVerify() get created properly in an empty database



      In VerifyOracle.doVerify(), we convert the following columns to CLOB:

      convertColumnToClob("AssetEntry", "description");
      convertColumnToClob("AssetEntry", "summary");
      convertColumnToClob("ExpandoColumn", "defaultData");
      convertColumnToClob("ExpandoValue", "data_");
      convertColumnToClob("JournalArticle", "description");
      convertColumnToClob("ShoppingCart", "itemIds");
      convertColumnToClob("ShoppingOrder", "comments");

      However, for ExpandoColumn.defaultData, ShoppingCart.itemIds and ShoppingOrder.comments the change is missing from the ModelImpl classes, so they won't be created initially as CLOB when creating a vanilla environment. We should make sure this happens.

      Seems like these changes were missed during the individual backports of LPS-55620, LPS-43794 and LPS-43668, so we are taking care of them at once under this ticket.

      Not an issue on master


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